‘Wonder Woman’ Lynda Carter, who is 72 years old, reveals her secret to ageing gracefully.

Carter, who gained popularity from her portrayal of Wonder Woman in DC Comics, had a significant impact on

young girls growing up in a decade where women were escaping the constraints of traditional domesticity.

The former beauty queen was adored by both sexes for her stunning beauty and the message of empowerment her fictitious character conveyed in the three-season (1976–1979) television series.

Having a conversation with CBS Carter reveals that she received a warning from a producer of the popular TV show,

who said, ‘Oh, women are going to be so jealous of you.’ I responded, ‘Not a chance.’That’s not how I’m playing her, therefore they won’t be. I want ladies to aspire to be my best friends or to be me!

Victorious warrior
Following her marriage to attorney Robert Altman in the 1980s, the celebrity moved out of Hollywood to raise her kids in Washington, D.C.

It turns out that becoming a mother was my best adventure to date. Regarding her kids James and Jessica, she tells People, ‘And I have loved every minute of it.’

Following her break from Hollywood, Carter made cameos in movies such as Super Troopers 2 (2018), Dukes of Hazzard from 2005,

and Wonder Woman 1984’s post-credits scene, in which she plays Asteria, the Golden Warrior of the Amazons.

Regarding her role in the 2020 movie starring Gal Godot as the eternal demigoddess, she remarked in 2017: ‘But I knew very early on that this character is much more than me certainly,

and to try to divorce myself from the experiences that other people have of the character is silly.’The 72-year-old diva, who won the title of Miss USA World 1972, is pursuing a musical career.

She claims that “Letters from Earth,’ her most recent book, is a love letter to Altman, who passed away in 2021 from blood cancer. On March 15, 2024, the music will be accessible for streaming.

She laments losing the man she married in 1984, saying, ‘We had such a wonderful relationship that it’s hard.’

Magnificent beauty

Though she still looks lovely and ageless, the woman acknowledges that she doesn’t always appear flawless when she leaves the house.

She tells professionals, ‘That result is spending time in a chair with some really good people doing your hair and makeup.’

‘Then getting dressed by someone has something to do with it. On the red carpet, actors and celebrities always appear amazing,

but in real life, they just look like everyday people without makeup and in their cheaply made-up attire. While not all of them are suited up, everyone has the same appearance.

‘They’d all look amazing if they did a three-hour makeover before they left the house,” Carter continues.

I’m attempting to convey that those images are the result of a lot of work. You wouldn’t believe that they leave the house looking like that.

She does, however, still appear to be the heroine from the late 1970s when she leaves the house.
‘I’m still often recognized by people as Wonder Woman…I doubt that my changes have been all that significant.

The celebrity, who will turn 73 in July, says she has refrained from getting cosmetic surgery that might change her appearance and make her appear different.

‘I probably just look like myself, but older, because I don’t cut my face.’ The stunning woman with black hair continues,

‘I’ve never had any facial surgery because I’m terrified. Since we’ve all seen some awful ones, it’s unsettling.

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