my son!” Helen said.


“How dare you accuse me of something like that,” Jennifer was offended, “How could you say something like that; there is no proof!”


“Well, Jennifer, today is your lucky day. I came prepared. A simple DNA test will clear all doubts,” Helen responded then, as she pulled out the test kit.


Few days later, the DNA test revealed the truth, as Helen was right with her suspicions. Jennifer also confessed her guilt over the phone that Jake was an affair child, before she had met with Matt.


“Why?” Helen asked, as she contained herself. Jennifer explained that she was afraid to tell to Matt, as she didn’t wanted him to leave her.


As Helen couldn’t hold it inside, she talked with her son about the issue, and witnessed the confrontation of her son, with his wife.


“Jennifer, how could you do this? How could you let me believe Jake was mine?” Matt asked.


“I was scared, Matt. I thought I would lose you if you knew the truth.” Jennifer said.

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