Two girls performed an unusual dance routine that had the entire audience on their feet from the moment they turned around!

Initially, you may underestimate the compelling force of this dancing routine, but you would be mistaken. Clogging, an amazing type of Irish dance, is distinguished by its complex footwork and minimal upper-body movement. However, the technique shown in this video adds a new and exciting twist to the old approach.

Madison and Morgan’s spectacular clogging duet grabbed center stage at the 2013 Clogging Champions of America – Showdown of Champions in Knoxville, Tennessee. Set to Keith Urban’s energetic single “Hit the Ground Runnin’,” their dance departs from the traditional Irish tunes associated with clogging.

Madison and Morgan, dressed in plaid shirts, white jeans, and clogs, defy expectations from the start. As the audience cheers in anticipation, the couple starts with their backs to the audience, heightening the tension for their spectacular performance.Throughout the dance, the girls expertly combine traditional clogging moves with modern flair, including high kicks, stage circles, and even an amazing high jump. Their choreography is flawlessly accomplished, with each action exactly timed.

Madison and Morgan provide a contemporary twist to the classic dance form by including upper body arm and hand moves, giving the performance a lively and dynamic energy. The combination of traditional and modern components results in a compelling performance that leaves viewers spellbound.

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