Trash crew finds tiny puppy abandoned in garbage bag — one man sees him and knows it’s meant to be

A tiny puppy had been abandoned in the trash pile, tied up in a black plastic garbage bag. It was heartbreaking that anyone would leave a dog for dead like this, but a miracle he was discovered in time.

One member of the crew was particularly struck by the abandoned pup: Stream Team Coordinator Brian Waldrop.

“I was just down on my knees, picked it up, and fell instantly in love,” Brian recalled to FOX 2 St. Louis.

It was the first time he had come across a dog in a trash pile. While their meeting was unexpected and unusual, Brian knew it was meant to be and agreed to take the puppy home himself for good!

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He says he gave the dog a wash when they got home: the dog’s initial yellow coloring faded away to reveal a beautiful white coat.

“He is just… what a great personality, and he is so soft,” Brian said.

Brian told FOX 2 that he hadn’t settled on a name for the dog. While some have suggested garbage-themed names like “Hefty,” he has been calling him “Dude.”

It’s heartbreaking that anyone would abandon a puppy like this, but we’re so glad everything worked out and he has a great, loving new home! Thank you to Brian for taking this pup in!

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