Transgender Booted From Female Golf Tour On International Women’s Day

The NXXT Golf tour, a professional women’s golf tour based in Florida, has revised its eligibility criteria to only allow competitors who are biological females at birth.


The policy update comes in the wake of transgender golfer Hailey Davidson’s win at the NXXT Women’s Classic earlier this year, which created a storm of controversy over fairness in women’s sports competitions.

The new policy was also ironically announced on International Women’s Day. The announcement is a pivot from NXXT’s previous stance, which permitted transgender women to compete alongside biological females.Hailey Davidson, who won the NXXT Women’s Classic in Orlando, Florida, has been a notable figure in the debate over transgender athletes’ participation in sports. Davidson’s victory had placed him at the forefront of discussions regarding the competitive integrity of women’s sports.
“As we navigate through the evolving landscape of sports, it is crucial to uphold the competitive integrity that is the cornerstone of women’s sports,” said NXXT CEO Stuart McKinnon.
“Our revised policy is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to celebrating and protecting the achievements and opportunities of female athletes. Protected categories are a fundamental aspect of sports at all levels, and it is essential for our Tour to uphold these categories for biological females, ensuring a level playing field,” McKinnon continued.


“NXXT Golf is honored to lead in promoting and advancing women’s golf, providing a platform that not only highlights the exceptional talent of women golfers worldwide but also ensures the competition remains equitable for all of our players.”

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