Taylor Swift Photoshoot Causes Massive Disturbances

This week, Taylor Swift and the famous Hollywood sign will be in the spotlight together to celebrate her much awaited Disney+ debut.

Nonetheless, the incident has caused some annoyance among those who live close to the well-known Griffith Park landmark in Los Angeles.

Film permit notices that the neighbors got indicate that a project that has been building throughout the week is set to have a major shoot on Wednesday. A copy of one of the permit notices was obtained by TMZ. It’s important to note that this paper has also been shared with law authorities, who have been informed that filming is scheduled to occur tomorrow near the Hollywood sign. The intended operations were described in full in the permission.
According to the notification, “Disney + TS” filming will take place close below the Hollywood sign on Mulholland Highway. Tuesday will be spent getting everything ready for the shoot, and filming will go on through Wednesday.
Come Thursday, as the production will begin dismantling and packing up, according to TMZ. As a result, the neighbors are reportedly very upset about the whole situation.
According to locals, this is a huge eyesore for them, and it’s causing a lot of foot traffic and noise, which is upsetting their tranquility and way of life. We’ve been informed that several house associations and other organizations have communicate internally quite a bit. and to put it mildly, people aren’t happy there.

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