Separated Mom And Dad Teach Their Bad Behaving Daughter A Crucial Life Lesson

In order to provide a healthy atmosphere for their children, the OP and her husband chose to remain amicable during their divorce. They agreed that the kids would remain with mom during the divorce.

The OP (original poster) mentioned the difficulties of being a single parent to two children. She was alone at times, even if her ex-husband is providing financially. The onus for dealing with her son’s and daughter’s problematic behaviour was on OP.

While she was putting in long hours at the office, she also required assistance with doing errands around the house.

She had no intention of assisting her mother with housework since her daughter was fifteen years old. Neither was she pitching in to assist out around the house or with her brother’s chores.

Over time, as OP’s struggles intensified, she yearned to impart wisdom to her daughter.

Beginning with a discussion of their family and the necessity of their joint survival, she attempted to engage her in conversation.

Carl, her ex-husband, showed in the following morning and remarked, “How dare you, she’s a child,” while her daughter smiled.

Now that her scheme had succeeded, OP was overjoyed. She made the move on purpose, but her kid didn’t know it. The girl thought her dad would be there to aid.

The problem has previously been discussed with OP’s ex partner, Carl.

She wanted him to pretend to argue and accompany her. Concerning their children, they were in agreement. She joined Carl in his rants about how OP had treated their daughter, and the ranting continued.

Plus, OP pretended to pass out as their argument escalated.

She closed her eyes, unable to see her daughter’s face. Carl, her ex-husband, said that their daughter seemed terrified.

Next, Carl told his kids that he’s taking them to his house and that they’ll have to be independent once they get there because he won’t be helping out around the house.

Just thinking about it terrified the daughter. After that, while embracing her mother, she lay down on top of her.

After she stopped acting, the ex-couple gathered around their daughter and spent hours discussing how to build a happy, harmonious life together.

Their daughter acknowledged her mistakes, expressed remorse to her parents, and promised to make amends.

As she did all she could to assist her mother, their daughter underwent significant transformation in the days that followed.


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