Riley Strain’s Body Recovered From Nashville River, Police Confirm

The body of Riley Strain, the college student from Missouri who hasn’t been seen since two weeks ago, has been found in a river in Nashville.

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department says that Strain’s body was found in the Cumberland River in West Nashville at 7:30 a.m. on Friday.

According to the police, there was no “foul play-related trauma,” and an autopsy is still being planned.

Strain was last seen on March 8, when he was asked to leave downtown Nashville’s 32 Bridge Bar by Luke Bryan.

The 22-year-old was seen a few more times before he vanished. Once on security video from across the street from the bar, and then again a few minutes later on a different camera.

He also talked to cops for a short time.

The next day, Strain’s fraternity brothers in Nashville, where he was with them, said he wasn’t there.

Police launched a massive search for the college student, but until March 16, when they found his bank card by the Cumberland River, they had not been able to find him or any signs.


According to a new story citing local police, Riley Strain’s tragic death seems to have been an accident. At this point, no foul play is suspected.

According to WKRN News 2, the Metro Nashville Police Department told them on Saturday that Riley’s preliminary autopsy was complete and that the death still looks like an accident.

This seems to back up what the police already thought. Remember that after Riley’s body was found on Friday, the police held a press conference to say again that they didn’t think foul play was involved.

Strain, a college student from Missouri, was found in the Cumberland River, which is about eight miles from downtown Nashville. That’s where he went missing while out with friends.

Riley didn’t show up at Luke Bryan’s 32 Bridge Bar on Friday, March 8, after being kicked out. Surveillance video caught him wandering around the city without a plan, but he seemed fine when he talked to police.

32 Bridge Bar says Riley wasn’t overserved, but they did have to kick him out because he was too drunk.

Riley seemed to have gone toward the river after leaving the bar, as shown by a bank card that was found there. After the find, search teams went through the river and finally found Strain’s body.

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