Model gets in festive spirit as she squeezes huge £40k b00bs into Xmas lingerie

The 28-year-old, from Cheshire, just about squeezed her surgically-enhanced chest in a skimpy red bra and matching thong and garter set. And it seemed like fans were certainly hoping to find her under their tree this Yuletide as she showed off her eye-popping figure in the underwea


The photos saw Paige flaunt her I-cup boobs in the red lacy bra as she posed up a storm in front of her Christmas tree. Making things even more festive, the brunette bombshell donned a Santa hat, which rested on top of her super-long dark locks.




Paige glammed things up even more as she sported immaculate makeup, which included heavily lined eyes, bold brows and nude lips. She rocked a serious pout as she looked straight down the camera lens, before she grabbed at her hat.




Captioning the post, she wrote: “Finally getting into the festive spirit.” And it seemed like fans were glad she was, as one told her: “That’s all I want for Christmas.” Another gushed: “You look amazing,” as a third told her: “You would be the greatest Christmas present ever.”


Someone else also asked if she’d be their elf on the shelf, while another exclaimed: “Why Mrs Claus!! Now I understand why Santa only works one day a year!”




Paige certainly forked out the cash for her impressive chest, having spent £40,000 on her busty boobs. She’s now gone under the knife so many times that she brags she’s “filled with plastic” – having undergone 14 surgeries in total.




As well as spending £40,000 on her boobs, Paige has also splash out £80,000 in total on plastic surgery to enhance her look. She claims the attention isn’t all good though as she ‘can’t step out the front door’ without other women getting jealous of her impressive cleavage.



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