Max Baer Jr, Known for His Role as Jethro Bodine in “The Beverly Hillbillies”, Is 85 and This Is Him Today

Max Baer Jr, Known for His Role as Jethro Bodine in “The Max Baer Jr., renowned for his portrayal of the lovably dim-witted Jethro Bodine on the beloved television classic The Beverly Hillbillies, has etched a lasting imprint on the landscape of American comedy.


Although his initial ambitions steered toward a business path at Santa Clara University, fate led him to the unexpected realm of acting, catapulting him into the limelight.


Born in 1937 in Oakland, California, Baer Jr.’s trajectory in the entertainment industry began with humble origins, his first foray into acting traced back to a happenstance encounter in the Warner Bros. lot. This fortuitous event marked the onset of his acting career, leading to a series of guest roles in renowned shows such as 77 Sunset Strip, Maverick, and Hawaiian Eye.


His most significant breakthrough came with the iconic role of Jethro Bodine, the bumbling yet endearing character in The Beverly Hillbillies, a show that quickly captured the hearts of American audiences upon its debut in 1962. Baer Jr.’s street-smart portrayal, coupled with his infectious laughter, cemented his place as an American TV favorite, endearing him to viewers across the nation.


Despite the success and adulation garnered from The Beverly Hillbillies, Baer Jr.’s post-series endeavors encountered numerous challenges. Struggling to break free from the shadow of his iconic character, he eventually found his footing in the realms of production and direction, marking the success of his directorial ventures with films such as “Ode to Billie Joe” and “Macon County Line” during the


Beyond the realm of entertainment, Baer Jr. exhibited a diverse array of interests, including a notable career in professional golf, where he participated in various tournaments in California.

Simultaneously, he delved into entrepreneurial pursuits, acquiring the rights to The Beverly Hillbillies and nurturing aspirations for a themed casino and park project in Nevada, although legal complexities ultimately hampered the realization of this ambitious vision.

Despite personal tragedies and legal entanglements, Baer Jr.’s journey in Hollywood echoes the multifaceted endeavors and aspirations of his family lineage. Undoubtedly, he remains a cherished figure in the annals of American television history, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of fans who continue to hold his comedic legacy in high regard.





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