Matthew McConaughey’s kids make rare public appearance

The story is a repost from 2023

Matthew McConaughey’s eldest children joined their mother model Camila Alves McConaughey in Paris Monday, and the trio attended the Stella McCartney Fall Winter 2023-2024 show for Fashion Week.

The event was a rare public appearance for the actor’s children, son Levi, 14, and daughter Vida, 13.

The couple’s youngest, son Livingston, 10, was not present.

Instagram / camilamcconaughey

All three wore neutral colors, though it was the McConaughey children who stood out.

Levi for looking like a carbon copy of his father, and Vida for wearing midi dress from her mother’s collaboration with artist Yoshitomo Nara.

Camila also shared photos of her children and mother, who flew to Paris for Fashion, on her Instagram stories

Instagram / camilamcconaughey

In 2020, Matthew shared with People that despite his incredible acting career, his lifelong dream was to become a father.

“And it’s remained the pinnacle for me. Being a dad was always my only dream. … I can’t think of anything being more important.”



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