Jacklyn Zemen, ‘General Hospital’ actress dead at 70 – rest in peace

Death is an inevitable part of life. It is an unpleasant one but one that we must accept.


Finding out about the passing of a celebrity we admired can similarly be jarring.


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Many of us knew Jacklyn Zemen from her role as Bobbie Spencer on the show General Hospital. The news of her passing was a shock to everyone. It was announced publicly by General Hospital executive producer Frank Valentini. The producer of the famed show took to Twitter to make the revelation.



“On behalf of our @GeneralHospital family, I am heartbroken to announce the passing of our beloved @JackieZeman. Just like her character, the legendary Bobbie Spencer, she was a bright light and true professional that brought so much positive energy with her to work,” Valentini wrote in his tweet.


The tweet continued and shared condolences with Jacklyn’s family especially her daughters. “Jackie will be greatly missed, but her positive spirit will always live on with our cast and crew,” he continued. “We send our heartfelt sympathy to her loved ones, friends, and family, especially her daughters Cassidy and Lacey,” the tweet read.

Zeman played the role of Bobbie Spencer on the hit daytime show General Hospital for decades. She first played the role in 1977 and continued to play it till the time of her death. She appeared as Bobbie Spencer in about 880 episodes till date.



She appeared as Bobbie Spencer in the TV movie spin-off for the series titled General Hospital: Twist of Fate in 1996.


The actress appeared in several television series throughout her career including One Life to Live, The Bay, and Chicago Hope.


Singer Rick Springfield who at one point also famously starred in General Hospital briefly in the 80s shared some words about the late actress, expressing his sadness at her passing.


“Incredibly stunned and broken-hearted to hear of Jackie’s passing. Such a truly kind soul with no touch of the diva and only sweet things to say about everyone. She was the one (along with Gloria Monty) who helped launch my 80s career when after the screen test along with several other hopeful young men Gloria asked Jackie who she thought would make a good Noah Drake and God bless her if Jackie didn’t say me,” Springfield shared. “Love to your spirit as it ascends sweet girl. You left your mark on many of us and you will not be forgotten,” he said.


Jacklyn Zeman is survived by her two daughters.


This is such a heartbreaking loss. We send our condolences to her family and friends as they navigate this tough time. Share this news with others fans so they can share condolences as well.

Jacklyn Zemen, ‘General Hospital’ actress dead at 70 – rest in peac

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