Biden Easing Electric Vehicle Goals, Likely Exchange For Union Support

The Biden Administration has been aggressively moving forward toward a future of electric vehicles since he took office in 2021. Things haven’t gone smoothly for the green energy agenda, however, as the industry has been plagued with technical issues, consumer apathy, supply chain issues, and a general distrust of electric vehicles.


The reasons for the failure of the industry are numerous. Between the lack of charging infrastructure, the questionable quality of the vehicles, expensive repair costs, and expensive vehicles, it is no wonder many dealers are stuck with unsold inventory as new vehicles roll onto the lot. The Biden Administration made big promises and set lofty goals that many industry insiders believe are totally unrealistic, and perhaps Biden and company may be starting to agree.


The Biden Administration recently revealed that it is planning to ease restrictions soon on tailpipe emissions that were instituted in order to force a transition to EVs. The “why” appears to be in an effort to appease unions and the auto industry in the run-up to the 2024 presidential election. While not wholly rolling back restrictions, the newly proposed relaxations are aimed at easing the hoped-for transition to EVs.


The rules would give car makers more time to make the transition while loosening emission standards aimed at forcing a hoped-for 2030 switch to primarily electric. However, the loosening appears to be aimed at satisfying the United Auto Workers, who, as a Union, are concerned with the possibility of losing jobs.


The UAW has endorsed Biden for 2024, but the union is wary because EV production isn’t covered under the same contract as gasoline powered cars. The administrations proposed plan called for 67% of new car sales being electric by 2032, compared to 7.6% today. With the growing apprehension surrounding electric vehicles, Biden essentially had little choice but to back off a bit before a full-blown revolt by automakers.


Current GOP frontrunner and former President Trump has been attempting to sway union members, meeting with officials of the Teamsters and asking for the UAW’s endorsement back in 2023. While he didn’t get it then, if the industry continues the aggressive push for electric, the industry could seeing towards the Republican candidate.


The Biden Administration still continues to lag behind where they assured Americans we would be in terms of EV infrastructure. As of December, despite $7.5 billion being allocated toward charging infrastructure, only two actual charging stations have been built. Considering the range issues the vehicles face, and the growing awareness from consumers that the vehicles are perhaps best suited to city driving only, the lack of any meaningful progress has led many buyers to pump the brakes on the pricey boondoggle.


Demand is tepid, sales are sluggish, technology is sketchy, and consumers aren’t embracing electric vehicles as the green energy agenda hoped. Once considered the savior of the planet, EVs haven’t proven to be the environmental panacea they were expected to be. Most of the blame can be placed at Joe Biden’s feet. His administration talked tough but failed to deliver in terms of the necessary requirements to make the vehicles practical. At this point consumers may never embrace the idea of going electric

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