Am I Right for “ambushing” my sister at her wedding reception, because she told me her wedding was child free when it actually wasn’t?

AITA for “ambushing” my sister at her wedding reception, because she told me her wedding was child free when it actually wasn’t?

My (46 m) sister Tracy (29 f) and I aren’t close, but we have a good relationship (at least before this all happened).

Tracy got married recently, and she told me the wedding was child free. I have a daughter Ella (12 f) and asked Tracy if she could come, but she said sorry, she and her partner were sticking to the rules.

I managed to arrange for Ella to stay at a friend’s house for a couple of days, since the wedding was in a different city.

So I went to the wedding and I saw quite a few older children, including my other siblings’ kids.

I know this sounds like I should’ve known from before from my other siblings, but I never thought to ask them ‘oh are your kids going’.

I did ask my brother at the wedding and he said he was told the child free limit was only for really young kids, the disruptive ages.

It was obvious Tracy lied to me about not bringing Ella. We went through the ceremony and towards the end of the reception, I pulled Tracy aside and said I realized she’d completely lied to me and there were plenty of other kids.

She looked pretty uncomfortable and said it wasn’t a big deal, but I replied I deserve an apology, and so does Ella at some point.

Tracy got mad and said I was ambushing her at her own wedding and it’s her and her partner’s choice what they do.

We ended the conversation there and went off to talk to other people.

She sent me a text later saying I was being selfish and I’m the one that should be apologizing to her and her husband, for making a big deal out of this. I’ll admit I sent a not-so-nice text back about her caring more about aesthetics than people.

Now it’s sort of blown up within our family.

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