Hank was devastated after his fiancee left him at the altar. He had plans and dreams for the future with his fiancee, who left him, destroyed his feelings and shattered his dreams.

He met with Maya when they were on the college. As time passed, they started to their relationship. They were at the point where they were talking about their wedding, and future children and the journey they would take together as a family, and short after Hank popped the question, which Maya said yes to.

But Maya had a secret, and that secret devastated Hank on their wedding day. While planning their wedding, Hank noticed that Maya’s demeanor was changing a little with each passing day, as she was leaving signs behind.

On the morning of their wedding day, while their friends and family were laughing and smiling, Hank was waiting at the altar for his bride, for Maya to walk down the aisle.

Then Maya came, as beautiful as ever if not better, then walked towards Hank, and threw her bouquet over and ran away. Hank was shocked, as he watched his bride-to-be to ran away with her ex, who was waiting with a tuxedo.

As time passed, Hank tried to heal himself, and after he met Susan, things changed as she was the opposite of Maya, kind, loving, and fiercely loyal. They had two children which brought joy to their lives.

One time, when Hank had talked about how he was left at the altar, and that he was almost got married, Susan said, “I’m glad you didn’t.”

Seventeen years later, while watching a reality TV show, Susan called Hank. “Hank! Look at this! She’s your ex, right?! That witch! She made you a laughingstock!”

As Hank went to his wife’s side, he saw that there was a show about dramatic weddings on TV. Maya was there, telling their story, as she revealed that she left her fiance for her true love.” As she saw tears on her fiance’s face, she chose her “true love.”

As Susan watched, “I can’t believe she’s still bragging about it,” she said. Then Hank realized that Maya’s betrayal had led him to find the love of his life, the greatest person she found on the life, Susan.

“You know what?” Hank said as he turned to Susan, “Let her have her moment of fame. We have something much better – a real, loving marriage.”

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